Final Post

This will be my last blog post here. The city house project will soon be complete and we will be moving on to a less public project. It has been an amazing time and we have learned a lot. We have had ten of thousands of hits with the blog, and hundreds of visits at the house. I hope you have learned along the way too. Below are my final thoughts for this blog. Thanks, Rick

In a time when we as a species are seemingly trying to wipe ourselves and every other living thing out of a home planet, we have allowed ourselves to be distracted once again. I’m not saying that what happened in Conn. and all the other places wasn’t bad, it was. People die every day, and whether it is of cancer, heart disease, asthma or any of the other disease’s caused by ┬áthe corporate owner’s of this planet, or a mentally ill person left untreated by our society. Tens of thousands of children die every day from starvation and I don’t hear the uproar I hear now. Turn off the TV with it’s assinine reality shows, quit watching the news, who cares if a couple of TV bimbo’s are going to have a baby.

Whether we like it or not it is humans that are the cause of all of our problems, and whether we like it or not we are all related, the human race was a small number people at one time. It is our family destroying us, its not our tools, they are inanimate objects that wouldn’t do a thing if we didn’t use, or maintain them.

It is time to worry about important things, things that are very basic. Is there going to be breathable air? Will the children of the future have drinkable water? Is agribusiness going to wipe out or make unusable all of plants we currently us for food? Is the temperature of the planet going to remain in a range we can survive in?

If we don’t answer or fix these things, all of rest of our problems don’t matter. Focus on what’s important. Thanks and I’m signing off.


This is Solefest weekend, which is our annual contra dance weekend. It is a lot of fun and some really nice people come from all over. If you don’t know what contra dancing is, look it up on youtube. It is kind of a community barn dance to live music. If you think you can’t dance a lick like me, if you can walk you can do this. I will be going to the sustainablity fair in Thayer on Sat morning, but the dances are what I will be doing at night. Come on out! There is a link to the Traditional Dance and Music Society on the side that will tell you all about it. See you there!

End of the world!

I’ve been getting calls from an elderly lady alot lately. She has bought some kind of solar panel setup from some TV evangelist called Jim Baker. She said she would need it because he said that she should store water, food, and buy this from them to generate electricity. Now she has it and doesn’t know what to do with it. I think there will be a special place that predators on old people are sent to die slow and painfully. Makes me sick.


We have a busy kitchen tonight, we are having a fermenting party! There are 7 of us making 3 kinds of kimchi, and apple cider vinegar. Cina has some great recipes that we are trying on the first round of fermentation and will be doing other batches in the future. Fun!

Final Inspection!

We finally got our final inspection on our rainwater collection system on thursday before we left for OACC. It has been a long process, but we are finally finished with that project! I installed a gauge last week so we will be able to tell the amount of water in the tanks without opening the covers, it is simple and uses no electricity or batteries. Our friend Loring gave us a great rain gauge yesterday so we can keep track of the amount that lands on our place. A couple of more things we have taken care of is we got a clorine filter for our shower. We also ordered a Berkey water filter, our drinking water is something we are starting to take more seriously. We have had a Brita up to now, but per gallon the Berkey will be a lot cheaper. The city water has chlorine and flouride in it, plus contamination by prescription drugs that goes through people systems is starting to be a real problem with groundwater. The Berkey won’t remove any of these, but now we have another option.


I just got back from Mama Jeans with some groceries. It was a great day for a spin on the Christianna bike after a nice weekend at OACC. OACC is Ozarks Area Community Congress. This was the 33rd year it has been held and both Gloria and my, second time there. It is an environmentally oriented event with a lot of learning opportunities and great vegetarian food. They were nice enough to give us about an hour to make a presentation about our house and lives. Our friend Richard also talked about his permaculture work and all of the things he has done at his farm. Our friends, Jack and LeeAnn, and a new friend named Rachael played for some contra dances that Gloria called. It was a great time with some really nice and knowledgeable people.

I am starting our first fire of the year in the cookstove to take the chill off of the house, I love it!

Almost Finished

Things are moving along well here, it is down to lanscaping and tweeking the last few connections on the cistern project. Our next door neighbor was nice enough to let us tear up part of her lawn with the trucks and trackhoe so we hauled in topsoil to fill it in and resoded the torn up parts. We are going to put edible landscaping on the north side of the house so we put mulch on it to keep the grass from taking over in that part. We had a cistern installation/birthday/building code change party here last night and the guys laid the sod during the festivities, it looks great. Gloria and I are working on the layout for the landscaping and path through to the backyard. We know hazelnuts are going in and then we will work everything else in around them. Everyone involved in this project has done a great job.