Busy Day

ImageToday was a busy day around here, moving plants that were unhappy where they were to new homes to see how they like it there. We also had a photographer from the local newspaper, they are doing a story on urban homesteading. We are busy putting up our firewood for the winter in our fenced in wood yard, that will be finished soon. It rained for a little while today, so we did some inside stuff, Gloria made some bloodroot salve, and I made a batch of sauerkraut. Tonight Gloria stayed home and did family night and I went with friends to a fundraiser for Sammy’s Window, a great place that helps outfit foster kids. Busy day but a good one!


Reishi Mushroom Tincture

ImageThe reishi we found in the front yard is now in alcohol. I decided the way I would probably use it is as a tincture. This is actually my first tincture, I usually just do clean up and fetching of things as they are needed during the classes. It felt good. In 6 weeks it will be ready to start using.


Look what we found in our front flower bed! I am feeling pretty lucky today. Sasha and Dunie first put the reishi name to it, and. Then I posted a picture on the Mo Mycological group on FB and it is unanimous! We are going to have shiitake, oyster, and lions mane here, but this is such a great bonus! Image

Medicinal Herb Classes

imageI don’t know if you know this, but we have been hosting medicinal herb classes at our house for several months now. They have been led by Sasha Daucus an herbalist with 20 some years experience. We usually have a beginners class on Friday evening, and on Saturday morning we have an advanced class. The goal is to have a herbal study group that meets regularly with guest speakers a few times a year. The classes have been fun, and it has been a great learning experience.


ImageWorking on painting the greenhouse today before it starts raining again. I think Gloria picked some great colors for it, it matches some of the colors we already have around.


Local Gardens

Local Gardens

I’m going to be biking around Springfield to find interesting community and personal gardens.

This years wood!

imageThe first load of firewood for the year. I like to get my firewood up early before the rush of people that wait until the last minute.  This is waste wood from the railroad tie place on commercial street.