Picking up walnuts

Torker cargo bike and HPM trailer

Out riding and picking up walnuts. What a great day and a great life. There are so many walnut trees along the roads to glean from. The squirrels are quick though and I will have to get some every day if I want to have enough for winter. As I ride I’m also on the lookout for good hickory nuts, and fruit trees that the owners might not care if I pick the fruit from. I only pickup walnuts from the streets and alleys for now, maybe as I get to know more people I will ask if I can get the ones out of the yards.


6 responses to “Picking up walnuts

  1. Walnuts are great for winter snacking. Enjoy!
    PS: looking forward to your blogs.

  2. Rick… You want walnuts. I have WALNUTS!!! Come get all you can carry. I have a huge tree in my backyard that produces like crazy.

  3. Rick,

    Ah walnuts. I made a “truck payment” just about every year I was in Springfield by driving around and asking people if they wanted their nuts. My stained clothes and stained hands made me look like a weirdo in class but I felt good about the honest work. Nowadays I do not own the truck but remember picking up walnuts fondly anyway.

    In Columbia, I decided I wanted to pick my own nuts instead of buying them for $10.00 per pound from Hammons. So I picked some, dried them and tried to hull them myself. URGH it was awful. So then I got a huge bag (50 pound?) from my wife’s grandfather and tried cracking and digging the meat out myself. URGH that was awful too! I had nuts flying all over the apartment and much of the meat was rotten. Nowadays I just buy them for $10.00 a pound and am amazed that they are that inexpensive. LOL

  4. Robert, I think your right. I just have a hard time passing up this free stuff. Now if I can get them worked up before the squirrels steal them all I’ll be doing good. I’m going to use the hulls for dye, the shells for brass polishing, and, well, you know what I’m going to use the nuts for.

  5. I admire your work ethic. Let me know how it goes and maybe I’ll reconsider. There are likely better ways then how I was doing it. LOL

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