A Great Solar Day

I love to check our computer link up with Enphase. It shows how much solar electricity we are making that day. It also will show how much for the month, as well as since the system was brought online. It is really inspiring to see how  much carbon we are not putting in the atmosphere compared to what we would be if we didn’t have the panels.  We are going to ride our bikes over to Urban Roots Farm, a new Urban CSA thats starting up.


3 responses to “A Great Solar Day

  1. I would love it if you would share details of your setup. I see from your pictures that you have a water collection system, solar water heater, and solar panels. I’m wondering exactly what you have and why you chose it, how long you’ve had it, and how it is working for you. Thanks for starting this blog.

  2. Nice job on the new blog. I found you via Carbon Trace, and look forward to reading more about your efforts. Would it be OK if I posted your link on my Facebook page for my friends to check out? Thanks!

  3. Phillip. Sure you can post my link. Thanks for taking a look.

    Michelle. Our solar electric system is 12 210 watt REC panels, with Enphase inverters. We don’t have batteries, we just turn the meter backwards. City Utilities is pretty reliable so we decided to just be grid tied. Our solar hot water heater has vacuum tubes with a tank on the roof. We have a back up NG tankless water heater but we haven’t used it since april 10 and probably won’t have to until nov sometime. The back up is set up for solar hot water systems. We do collect rainwater in barrels now, but in the spring we are going to put in 2 1500 gallon concrete cisterns. Both solar systems have exceeded our expectations. We have more than enough hot water, and we sized the electric so we would break even most of the time. They don’t pay much if you make extra. Also, if you check on the links on the blog you will see one that says our solar electric readout. You can go there and see what our system is doing.

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