Solefest 2010

Solefest 2009

Thanks Babs for letting me use your picture. This coming weekend is Solefest. It is a yearly Contra Dancing event at the Franciscan Villa. I really like Contra Dancing because it isn’t something you have to be graceful to do(I’m not), and you don’t have dress up fancy(I don’t), and you get to hang out with some really nice people. It’s also multigenerational so you have families, college kids, and older folks. I like the local dances the best because they are more like a barn dances, there’s a live band each time, and you dance with friends and neighbors. You don’t even have to bring a partner, most people trade partners, so you get to dance with everyone. It’s just another way of making community. Most of the time it’s fairly local bands that do it because they love doing it, not for the money. Come join us, if not for Solefest, then for the regular dances. There’s a link on my main blog page for the local contra club.


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