Lawn mowing

Fiskar reel mower

It’s about time to mow the grass for the last time this year. We really don’t have that much lawn anymore, we’ve added flower and herb beds to the front yard, and the back is (not quite finished) raised beds and mulched paths. Actually, I kind of like mowing, and now it takes hardly any time. The new Fiskar reel mower has made it easy, quiet, and uncomplicated. I bought a battery powered mower last year, but when I got ready to mow for the first time this year, neither of the batteries would work. I had stored them as directed.  Simple works best. Anyone want to buy a mower?


2 responses to “Lawn mowing

  1. My wife and I had a lawn mowing business in Columbia for one year called “The Green Team.” We did it part-time as she was in veterinary school and I already had a full time job.

    We used all human powered equipment like reel mowers, lawn shears and we hauled everything by bicycle and trailer.

    All in all we mowed about 500 lawns that year. I could have had as large of a business as any lawn business in town but couldnt find anyone who wanted to work that hard. I hired three people over that summer and no one made it past a couple of lawns. My 105 pound wife seemed to be able to work all day. Sometimes pushing those mowers for 12 hours straight, breaking only to bicycle to the next lawn. She is as tough as a mountain lion and I never miss an opportunity to brag about her. : )

    One thing amazes me about mowing with this equipment….it’s EASIER than using the gasoline powered stuff. I can’t help but think that the only reason why people spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to pollute the air and create huge amounts of noise is because they do not know any better.

    I think you are a great example for people and I’m definetely going to follow your blog.

    I only did it for one year but think I learned a lot about those mowers and cutting grass with a reel mower. If you have any questions that you think I can answer, just ask me.

  2. Thanks for that great comment. It ‘s really interesting that you have done a green lawn service in Columbia. I did a little lawn service in Columbia too. I was taking horticulture and Integrated Pest Management classes and working in a dorm cafeteria. I didn’t really think about doing it with reel mowers back then. I’m always glad to hear from people that think outside the box. Thanks, your post made my day and made me smile. Tell the mountain lion we say hi!

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