Homegrown Foods

Shopping at Homegrown Foods in our electric car

Stopped by our local neighborhood grocery store this morning to get some things to cook for Solefest weekend. Gloria and I are doing the cooking for 100 people for Sunday brunch. Homegrown Foods is a great place to get locally grown produce, meats, and breads. Amanda believes in what she’s doing and lives what she talks. I am trying to get mostly local ingredients for the brunch, keeping most of the money in the local economy. Somethings are little tougher that others to get locally, but I will do the best I can.

4 responses to “Homegrown Foods

  1. Are you charging your car from your solar panels or from the grid?

  2. We are grid tied without battery backup. I sized our system so it will provide enough for both our house and the car. We also have room to add more panels at some future date if we need to. I am researching setting up a car sharing coop in the near future with the Prius. If we get it done then the next car we get will probably be a plugin Prius or a Leaf, so we might need room for a charging station. You are welcome to come see it. I hear you are going to be in our area.

  3. Car Coop? Thought you might be interested in this…..


  4. Thanks, that was interesting. I hope that we can get this off the ground. I do the green stuff because I believe in trying to be leave the place a little better than I found it, but I’m also cheap. It makes no sense to have a car that’s going to depreciate at about the same speed whether you are using it or not. It also makes no sense to own a whole car when you only use a 10th or 12th of a car.

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