Cooking and CU

Solar Meter

This is a starting to cook for sunday day. I’m going to do a double batch of Norwegian wheat bread for french toast, cook beans for black bean dip, sausage for the quiche and biscuits and gravy, and cook and debone chickens for the dill chicken salad.

City Utilities has been out to check to see what is wrong with our meter twice in the last 2 weeks. They can’t figure out why we have used such a low amount of electricity in the last month. It has been the same lady both times and we talk about solar electricity and about how she and her sister are talking of putting it in at their place. She goes back and reports that we have solar panels(they installed the meters) and then they send her back out again. I would think that with 74 people out there making over $100,000 a year, they could figure it out. People stop by all the time to look at our system so they can figure out how to put solar panels on their house. CU had better get up to speed because the utility business is going to change a lot in the next few years.


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