Local Foods

Gloria's Homemade Pizza!

I’m having issues this morning. We are cooking for 100 people for Solefest, and I’m trying to buy as much as possible locally. Some things are easy, Homegrown Foods store, chickens and sausage come from Curtis Milsap, ours and others local greens for salad, chemical free flour for rolls and biscuits,etc. Now comes the hard part. Does it really matter which local regular grocery stores you shop at? They all buy 95% of their stuff from the same agri corporations. Is it better to buy from a locally owned grocery store that buys nothing local, or buy from a national chain that buys a small amount of local stuff? Plus I ride my bike to shop a close as possible so do I want to drive to a store on the other side of town for local produce? Let me know what you do.


One response to “Local Foods

  1. Hi Rick, We are a mix. We buy at a chain. But today we were at the farmers market. Since we play music for them, we shop while we are there. We produce most of our own vegetables and eat seasonally. My neighbor has chickens and I can trade garden produce for eggs. My dad grows the beef and distributes it among the family. Sometimes my brother grows a pig. Home canned food makes trips to the recycling center less frequent. Our farmers market includes meat, milk, vegetables, baked goods, plants, music and lunch.
    Thanks for your attention to this project. It helps us all.

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