Car sharing

2010 Prius

I’m working on a new project, car sharing our Prius. Our car sits 95% of the time. Our friend said she was getting ready to buy a car because her van is on it’s last leg. She is a responsible person who wouldn’t trash the car and will only need a car part of the time. It got me thinking, and after a little research I talked with Gloria about it, and we decided to move it up a notch on the to-do list. If you look on the internet, it is becoming a more popular option for people that don’t have to use a car every day. We can use the electric car and bicycles for all of our in town transportation, and use the Prius for longer trips. I will take care of the maintainence and cleaning of the car, we will have insurance that covers anyone in the group that uses the car, and money will be put into an account, so when it comes time to replace it, it will be available. I think it will be a win-win for everyone involved and we would be sharing a good, reliable, fuel efficient car. If we have 10 people in on the deal, it would be a lot less expensive, per person, when it is time to replace it. The car sharing group would then be able to afford another good car, maybe a plug-in Prius that gets 100 mpg. Does anyone have any experience with car sharing? I would love to get some input from you.


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