Chicken coop designs

Chicken Tractor

I’ve been cruising the internet looking for the perfect design for a chicken coop for our place. It will have to fit over the top of our beds, which are 4×8 ft. We will be moving it from bed to bed as we need the chickens to clean up waste, scratch the soil around, clean out bugs and slugs, and fertilize the bed with their manure. The coop will have to be fairly light weight, bottomless, not cover any of the bed where the chickens can’t go, yet be strong enough to keep out critters, and of course keep the chickens in. I really don’t want to have to go chasing our girls around the neighborhood. I like the design in the picture, except it covers part of the bed. If I did something close to this, except raising the indoor part up so the chickens could get under it, it might work. We are going to shoot for 3 chickens, that will give us leeway in case we have to chicken sit for someone or in case someone isn’t producing we can bring in a pinch hitter until we find out who’s laying down on the job.


2 responses to “Chicken coop designs

  1. Some friend of ours have a similar A-frame design, but with the coop above the pen, with a cute little ladder/ramp so the chickens can walk upstairs and go to bed. It can be lowered and raised with a chain. One side of the coop triangle is on hinges and can be opened to gather eggs. I’d imagine that they found the design on-line if you would like for me to ask.

    It’s not particularly light-weight, but my strapping daughter and I managed to move it around the yard. The bottom of theirs has fencing so they can peck in the grass, but the raccoons can’t get in. Maybe if it was a tight fit on/in your beds, you wouldn’t have to worry.

  2. That sounds about like what I’m going to build. That would be great if you could ask. Thanks

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