Electric car charging stations

Leaf charging station

There was an article in the Springfield News Leader this morning about the city starting to plan for electric car charging stations. I am proud to live in a place that is progressive enough to plan ahead for the next step in transportation. Our electric car uses a regular 110 plug-in, so we can charge up anywhere there’s a outlet, but it takes quite a while. With everyones fast paced lives, I think that there will be plenty of people willing to pay to use the quick chargers.

I watched a video of a man testing the new Prius plug-in hybrid, and he drove several hundred miles, and got 83 mpg. If you take just short trips around town it will get better than that. There are going to be more choices in the future regarding transportation, hybrid, electric, highly efficient diesels, and the city is installing a natural gas fuel station, and of course my favorite, bicycles, or it will probably be a combination of these alternatives. It is time to look at the choices now, you don’t want to buy a new excursion that gets 10 mpg and then gas goes up to $6 a gallon.


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