Winter Gardening

Using a broadfork

Our gardens are small so we don’t have to till or use any big equipment to prepare the soil. This picture is from last fall using the broadfork, the perfect tool for the way we garden. It loosens the soil and mixes it without adding to much air and bringing up too many weed seeds. The garlic is already about 3 inches tall so we will be mulching them in before it gets much colder. They will be ready to take off in the spring when the soil starts warming up. We planted 2 different varieties, Kettle River that some friends started us out with last year, and a new one for us, Weaubleau from the Garlic Girls. We will be building 2 5×12 cold frames this winter so we will be ready for some early spring harvesting of greens. Life is good!!


2 responses to “Winter Gardening

  1. wonder if that broad fork would work on my beds? I was going to till here before long – I do use the “community tiller” – the nice neighbors behind us always let us use their tiller – ah Roundtree neighbors! But I wonder if your broad fork would work on my smaller beds??? Can I try it?

  2. You are welcome to try it. If they are pretty loose already it works really good.

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