Urban Velo Magazine

Bike tailgate party

We made it into a national bicycling magazine called Urban Velo. It is a great magazine with trendy biking articles,and fashionable young hip people. I’m not sure how they decided we were right to be in it, but there we were! We had ridden up to the bike races on Commercial street to hang with our friend Christine and she took a couple of pictures of us on our bikes. The magazine has a section called “I love riding in the City”. It’s about people that ride and what they like about where they live. I thought I would give it a shot. The link for the site is under bicycling on the right of the page. We are on Page 26 of issue 22. The link is for the e-magazine, you can turn the pages with the arrows. Maybe you’ll find a toy in there you can’t live without!


5 responses to “Urban Velo Magazine

  1. Thats cool. My friend in Columbia has that same trailer. Built by “human powered machines?”

  2. That’s right. I had them make it a couple of years ago. It has been a really good trailer, the only limits to what I can haul so far is me, not the trailer.

  3. I really like the bikesatwork.com trailer as well. It’s longer, so it’s better at hauling things like a couch or a refrigerator. The most I ever hauled on it was a front loading washer and dryer at the same time. Good fun!

  4. Guess I should add some downsides to the bikeatwork trailer…….

    Its not as heavily made so I doubt it would last as long and when it has a load on it, it can be very heavy to pick up the front of the trailer. Yours has that handy handle and stand. Great design.

  5. I looked at those trailers, but I hope not to have to haul long heavy things. I got it mostly to haul compostables from some of the restaurants and my mower and weed eater around to mow a few lawns. Too bad you don’t live here, we could switch off trailers when we needed to.

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