Old Days


I thought I would post  this picture of me when I used to work on the Eleven Point Ranch near Thomasville MO. I worked in the woods and did timber stand improvement which means I thinned and got rid of damaged trees from some of the logging operations. I worked by myself, so there was plenty of time to think, and read, and take naps along the river during lunch. I lived in a 12×14 shack on the eleven point river all the way at the back of the ranch which is 14,000 acres. I hunted and fished for my meat and gathered nuts, fruits and alot of my food. It was a great time in my life. The cabin was located through 3 locked gates so the only people I ever saw were ranch employee’s and guys on hunting leases. My life has changed alot since those days. I have a great life now and wouldn’t change a thing about the way my life is or has been. Different seasons of life.


One response to “Old Days

  1. Steve and Lynda

    Thanks for sharing. You have lived what many aspire to do.

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