Solar Electricity

Solar panels going up

The CU meter lady was back. She read our meter and CU will owe us for 141 KWH’s this month. We don’t really try to conserve anymore, it’s just that it’s set up now and we really don’t have to think about it. It’s really nice being grid tied, we don’t have to do anything, no battery checking, no worrying about how full the batteries are, and if the sun doesn’t shine for awhile, thats OK. We’ve talked about going off grid, and maybe someday we will make that choice, but until it becomes financially the smart move, this is great. I really need to figure what the break even point is, between owning and maintaining a battery bank and the base amount from CU. I don’t think we’re anywhere close yet.


3 responses to “Solar Electricity

  1. Is that at your place? That is a very unique structure, what is it?

  2. We told Todd to build a structure to put our solar panels on. This is what he came up with. It is gorgeous. We tore up a wood deck that was in the back yard and now have pavers under this pergola. It’s great. Come visit when your in town.

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