Fall Garden

Mustard & Dill

We are working to get the backyard garden finished. Our neighbor Tom is bringing us leaves from his yard. He has a sweet gum tree and I’m going to have to look to see what the leaves will bring to the soil. All leaves bring organic matter to the soil, but different types of tree leaves bring different levels of nutrients with them. Whatever the levels are, it will be good food for the worms and all of the other little critters that live in the soil. I put a lot of coffee grounds in last year, Starbucks was saving them for me. I think I will get them to start doing that again. We also get some compostables from Momma Jeans. I got in some trouble last time because it smelled a little. I’m better prepared this time. Todd is saving me sawdust, and between that and the leaves, I should be able to control the odor.


4 responses to “Fall Garden

  1. We still have beets, swiss chard, parsnips, spinach & lettuce growing. Our fall garlic looks good – hopefully we will have plenty for harvest in the spring! We also have dill, sage, fennel and oregano growing strong. I dug up about 4 pounds of potatoes last week & probably have 2-3 times that still in the ground. I trimmed the raspberries this week & I hope to have time for the blackberries next week. Our compost is huge now with all the leaves. We are putting out sand & manure on the garden next weekend & hauling away the old plants. We should have a drink in one of our gardens soon.

  2. We would love to see you guys! Gardening is great isn’t it? We are taking a road trip tomorrow to pickup some pecans in Brunswick MO, so if you would like we can pick some up for you.

  3. Your neighbor Tom and his wife Judith appreciate that effort towards odor control!!!

  4. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner – stop by & see the green housr Randy is building.

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