Ozark Folk Center

The Cooper

Hi there! We just returned from the Ozark Folk Center in Mt View Arkansas. It was a great couple of days. Susan Belsinger taught a class in culinary herbs the first day and the second day was herbal crafts. Gloria, Sharon, and Bobby were the 3 students and a good time was had by all, it seemed like it anyway, everytime I came in they were laughing. Meanwhile I had a great time visiting some old friends. Steve, the cooper, who put up with me being his apprentice for a summer is pictured above. Arlon his wife was teaching a rug twining  class. Shawn the broom maker, and his wife Jeanette who is the craft director and fiber artist are really nice folks and were great hosts and cooks for a potluck at their house. I also got to see John and Judy, the potters before they left for a show. They are the one’s who let me stay in the room above their garage when I worked down there. The people that work there are a great bunch, and we just want to say thanks for the great hospitality!


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