Sunfrost RF-12

I’m getting ready to do something most people don’t have to do anymore, defrost our refrigerator. It doesn’t really take all that long, and it’s not really all that messy, it’s just kind of a pain. You have to take everything out, put in a pan of hot water to melt the buildup, or use a blow drier. I use the pan of hot water method. It’s also a good time to make sure there are no forgotten, sometimes unrecognizable dishes from dinners past. Then I can put things back in semi-organized condition and have a fresh start until the next defrost time. The Sunfrost is a great refrigerator, it uses 85% less electricity than a standard one. We had to wait about 4 months while it was being made because of the back orders. It was worth the wait.



3 responses to “Defrosting

  1. I’ve heard of doing that with a freezer but why would you need to do it with a refrigerator? If it doesnt get below freezing, how would it develop frost?

  2. There is only one compressor on this model so the cold air from the freezer fall into the refrigerator section. There is some build up in the refrigerator section where the first glass shelf is.

  3. ah! Thanks!

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