Kitchen Remodel


I’ve been thinking about cisterns today and don’t have all of it figured out yet, so thought I would post a picture of the sink we’re going to install in the kitchen. We went to Cooper plumbing and saw a farmhouse sink there. It was $2000. That was out of our range so I went to Edge and they had one for $800. That was better, but not great. We were in Phoenix visiting my niece and had to get the oil changed so we went to IKEA to wait. We found this sink for less than $200, so now it’s setting in the bedroom waiting for the project to start up. It looks great doesn’t it?


4 responses to “Kitchen Remodel

  1. Thats pretty cool, Rick.

    Why do you prefer that design?

  2. We cook for a lot of people at home. I have some big pots and pans that don’t fit in the double stainless sink we have now. This single is a lot bigger.

  3. I love that sink! It would be so great for my cheese pots and milk pails!

  4. I think we paid $179 for it. They have a double one to, but the sinks are smaller.

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