Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens

We’ve been working on ideas for cisterns today, talking to people who care about our watershed, and combing the internet for resources that we can get good information from. I started this with a victory garden poster because during the war people raised their own food so that the farmers production could be sent to soldiers doing the fighting. Now we need to raise our own food so we can protect ourselves from the speculators and the corporations  that make big profits with total disregard for our health and our environment. That is also the reason we have installed our solar electric and solar hot water systems. Next and probably the most important step is water because we could do without the other stuff, but water is something that we can’t do without. So I guess what I’m saying is we are going beyond victory gardens into victory life. We need community, but we also have to be self responsible. I think a community is a group of people that are able to help themselves, but at the same time able to help their neighbors if they need it. This was on my mind today.


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