We got our furnace serviced and they said it would cost a lot to get it going for the season. The air conditioning was the same in the spring, on it last legs. We had installed the Jotul natural gas stove in the dining room last winter so if there is another ice storm we could have heat since it doesn’t have to have electricity to work. We have also installed foam insulation in the walls and on the roof deck in the attic. That is a huge difference from last year, there was no insulation in the walls and very little in the attic. The Jotul has kept the house comfortable all day today, and it has been off for several hours now and it is still comfortable in here even though it’s 19 degrees outside. I think we have decided to not install another furnace which would have cost about $7000, so the investment we made in insulating and on the little stove is paying off already. We will be adding a mini split air conditioning in the spring. They are really efficient and you can zone cool your house with them. We don’t have to cool rooms that we aren’t in. They are ductless so I can rip out all of that stuff taking up room in our basement. We were set up well enough so we didn’t have to make bad choices on heating when it went out.


One response to “Heating

  1. Yes, very warm and cozy. I could tell the difference from last year, too. Molly seems to be enjoying it thoroughly!

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