Cold weather biking!

It was cool and breezy on the way to the mudhouse for coffee this morning. For awhile this fall there were bikers everywhere, but not today. This is great weather for me. Gloria and I got some rain pants today to keep the cool wind from cutting through our jeans when we ride. I also went to Queen City bikes today, I’m going to do some dealing on a Kona Ute. I’ve been wanting a long tail bike and Kona is a great company. They are the one’s that make the bikes like the one we donated to a to a health care worker in Africa for everyone’s christmas present last year. It seems like different days my focus is on different things, yesterday was a yoga day, today a bicycle day, and last weekend it was gardening. Tonight we’re going to the movie, “Inside Job” about the wall street crash. That’ll probably get me fired up!


2 responses to “Cold weather biking!

  1. I upgraded my beachbike tires to the puncture resistant! Now, I need to get snow tires! Winter fun!!! 🙂

  2. Cool! Its in the 20’s and windy here and i just rode around town looking at christmas lights! Riding in the winter is a dream once tou have the gear.

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