Community Radio

Community Radio

Just got back from West Plains and on the way I stopped at KZ88 a community radio station located in Cabool, headed by Kazie Perkins a friend that I was in master gardener classes with. I wish there were more community radio stations in the area. It’s staffed by volunteers who really care about the area and the subjects that they put on the air. More passionate people doing good work. While we were talking Bill Summers and Peggy Skinner came in to visit. They are members of the West Plains Native Plant Society that I used to be a member of. Bill wrote the book on Orchids in the state of Missouri and is said to be writing another. He’s one of those people you can go on plant walks with and knows all of the latin names for all of the plants. It was great to see old friends again, and hear all of the gossip from the world of plants. I will post the radio stations site on our blog, you can stream it over the computer if you don’t live close enough to pick it up. Good to be home!


2 responses to “Community Radio

  1. A station that play old Hot Mulch songs – is okay by me!!

  2. Yes this is the station I got the Hot Mulch CD from! They play some great music.

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