Gardener’s Library

If you ever want to go to a library where there’s no pesky fiction or pretty much any other kind of books to get in the way of your gardening book looking, this is the place. It is gardening and fruit growing book heaven. And most of the time it is only you and the librarian, so it is really quiet. Rose(my ex) used to have to fill in for the librarian from time to time while she was on vacation. I was always willing to go along when she went here. There are many old books you probably won’t see anywhere else, that talk about fruit growing methods before there were pesticides. Also they have a lot of periodicals that are right down my alley. Where is this special place? It is at the research farm in Mt. Grove MO. Check it out if your ever over that way, it’s worth the trip!


2 responses to “Gardener’s Library

  1. Please give directions – I would love to visit there when I have a little free time!! This is a great way to “garden” this time of year!

    • Go to Mt Grove and get off on the 95 exit. Go left (North) across the overpass, and go past the supercenter. After you get past the businesses on the right there is a road to the right. Turn there and go to the first driveway to the right. You are at the offices of the experiment station. Follow the drive around to the right, the library is the last building on the right. There’s no sign until you get to the building. Just ask someone if you have trouble.

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