Community Gardens

Every time I go to West Plains I stop at the community garden. This was their first year and they did a great job. I stopped by in the mornings and talked to the older guys who were there early and a couple of ladies later in the day. It’s not just a garden, but a visiting place, a garden advise place, and just a quiet place. They had not only veggies, but lots of flowers. I hope someday everyone will have a place to garden, not only for the food, but for the fellowship.


2 responses to “Community Gardens

  1. It looks like the Temple Israel Community garden will be back in business next summer after a one year hiatus when our main organizer, Joel Waxman left the area and moved to KC. But now someone else has taken the lead and wants to get the community garden going again. In the past we have donated over 2000 pds to the Ozark food Harvest out of that garden – hopefully, with the new energy evolving for next Spring – we will donate food once again. Judith

  2. That’s great. It looks like you guys have a great spot out there.

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