Coffee Time

Coffee Time

I had coffee at the Mudhouse this morning. I don’t really like coffee that much, it is more for the socializing than the coffee. And the coffee I drink isn’t really coffee, it is more like hot chocolate. We get to discuss world changing discoveries that we have made, and bounce ideas off one another. Jim was showing his photography books that he had had printed, really nice. I congratulated Andy on making it through another semester intact. Dunney was leaving as I got there so we just gave each other a little crap and moved on. It is nice having guys to shoot the bull with, I mean we don’t talk about our feelings or anything deep and emotional like women do, but just a little banter and bull. Thanks guys!


2 responses to “Coffee Time

  1. Like you, I too am a social (coffee) drinker that prefers my coffee to taste more like chocolate. We live in SE Sgf, so The Dancing Mule, at Cherokee & Glenstone, is our choice for a locally owned coffee shop. My wife and son have had many an epic Scrabble duel there while I read the news or surf the web. Apparently I don’t have the patience to play Scrabble at their high level, I just throw down whatever 3 or 4 letter word jumps out at me first. A sure recipe for defeat. Keep the posts coming! I always enjoy seeing what the SpringfieldCityFarmer is up to, and what new project I can add to my own wish list. (^8

  2. Welcome Phillip. I used to stop in at the mule and have coffee, it is a nice place. I just knew more people at the mudhouse. Sounds like a great family time. I’m glad your following our progress and maybe I’ll see you for coffee sometime.

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