This is Gloria here, writing my first post.  I’ve been making wreaths lately and am surprised at how satisfying it is.  I love it!  Earlier in the fall, I wove some sweet potato and morning glory vines into wreath shapes and have incorporated materials from our yard into my creations.  This morning, however, I took a class on wreath-making at the Botanical Center so I could find out how to really do it. It was a great class and now I know how to use those wire forms as the base.  The greenery is an abundance of Eastern Red Cedar, boxwood, and white pine.  I decorated with a pine cone, nuts, dried apples, locust pod and sweet gum balls. Working with my hands is good for the soul.


4 responses to “Handcrafting

  1. Wow – what a beautiful wreath. I’ll look forward to seeing your others and this one in person. What fun. I should try to learn this, too, since I love wreaths.

  2. That’s a beautiful wreath Gloria. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pretty wreath! enjoy your post!

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