Wood Cookstove

We’ve been talking about adding  wood heat to our energy mix. I’ve had wood stoves alot, some of the pluses are, having a supply of fuel stored up and available no matter what happens, great heat, and wood ashes for the garden. Some of the bad things are, messy, cost of wood, cleaning chimney, etc. I’m biased toward wood so I may not be seeing all of the minuses. Our friends in Norway have a wood cookstove like the one above, a Magnum. I was checking it out the whole time we were there. Some other friends in Sycamore MO just bought a new wood cookstove for their place, it is a Baker’s choice. The way that we are going to have to install it I think the Magnum would be our best choice. During the spring, winter and fall it will cook our food, heat our house, and will supply our hot water when our solar hot water system isn’t keeping up. I think this will be the next step energy wise in the right direction. We were looking at last years utility bills and we used the same amount of gas 2 months in a row, but the bill was a lot different. The amount they charged for the gas we had used was a lot higher. We have to spend money or energy to heat our house, so we might as well keep as much of the money local as we can. We can buy, cut, and collect our wood from local supplies. We should work as hard to buy our energy locally as we do our food.


3 responses to “Wood Cookstove

  1. Nice ! Maybe you can make soap with the ashes too.

  2. Graham Wooten

    We are considering the magnum stove for our log home in NE Washington state. The only supplier ships from Cleveland, Ohio. So we cannot just go “hands on” check it out ourselves. Were wondering what your impressions of the Magnum were as to quality and usability. How did your friends like it after some period of use?

    • Gloria used the Magnum a couple of winters ago with our friends in Norway. They seem to be very happy with it. I have looked at some other brands that seem alot heavier duty. I think one that would last the longest would be the heartland artisan, but it’s over twice the price. One of my issues with it is I would like a water jacket and they don’t bring these into this country with them. There are add on jackets that I can get for it though. Welcome to our blog!

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