Shaker Village

cobbler's bench

Isn’t this an amazing piece of equipment? It was made by a person for a specific job, fixing and making shoes. The shaker’s were a very practical people, they didn’t allow much fluff in their lives so when they made something it was made to function for its job. Functional art. This bench wasn’t made to look pretty, but it is beautiful! It was simply designed to do a job and it did it.

I didn’t get to see as much of the tools and equipment as I would have liked too, I wanted to see the cooper’s shop, the wash houses for doing the laundry, etc, but fluff has moved in. I guess they do what they have to to keep the place open, but from now on I think I will look at the books that show the tools. Sometimes I have unrealistic expectations.


3 responses to “Shaker Village

  1. Nothing to say, really. Just letting you know I’m reading and enjoying.


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