What’s sustainable?

I’m writing an article for a friends new website B positive, and it has me thinking about what being sustainable is and how far we should take our home. I have always liked alternative energy, organic gardening, etc, so I am used to being looked at as a little on the odd side. The things that seem like a no-brainer to me might look to someone else a little eccentric and since I’m not the only one affected by my decisions now I need to look from the outside to make sure I’m not affecting Gloria negatively. There are ways that we could be completely free from city services if that is our goal or should we just have the appearance of green like on some of the green tv shows. How far do you have to go back in history to see a sustainable society? Is it the cavemen that were hunter-gatherer’s, or is the amish community sustainable with their use of kerosene for lights. Is our use of solar panels to make electricity for lights more eco-friendly that the amish’s way of living. There are a lot of choices and many answers to these questions and we have to decide what is best for us and for the earth.


One response to “What’s sustainable?

  1. I’ve thought about this from time to time myself. I think sustainablity is a moving target. What I mean is that it is changing.
    Sometime this year our world population will reach 7 billion people. This is only one example of this moving sustainablity.

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