Cheese and butter! My milk lady e-mailed and her goats will start kidding in the next month or so. It is almost time for some fresh dairy products. This year I’m going to be making greek yogurt. I like the greek yogurts flavor a little better so I will be switching cultures this year. You only have to buy the culture once, and after that just use some of the previous batch of yogurt. I am also getting some tofu starter, tofu is something I’ve always wanted to make just never got around to it. I was just talking to a friend and realizing I would like to get better at homemaking. I know that is an older word and it used to not apply to guys, but I think it is one of the most under appreciated jobs there ever was. it was also the most important jobs as far as I am concerned. I think leaving homemaking behind is what has gotten our country into the shape it is today. Just because a job doesn’t count to an economist doesn’t mean it isn’t important, it just means they can’t quantify it. When the cooking gets left to the fast food chain they could count it, when it gets done at home all they can count is the ingredients that you had to buy. If you grow your own food all they get to count is the inputs to the garden, not the labor of love that you put in to your families food. Now that two people have to work in most families to just pay the bills alot of the quality is gone from meals. I’m changing that at our house with locally grown food as much as possible. If you would like some local milk and eggs let me know, I will introduce you to her. It is a step in the direction of a strong local economy and a strong community.


3 responses to “Cheese!

  1. Steve and Lynda

    Can I come learn when you do this?

  2. I would be glad to show you anything I know. We don’t get to see enough of you guys anyway. I’ll let you know when I get started.

  3. That would be great!

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