Renewables for Missouri

I just finished e-mailing and will be calling my senator and representative about SCR 1 and HCR 5. We voted in renewables for the state and now the utilities are trying to do an end run around the 15% goals. Rather than having to produce the renewable energy credits here in the state, they are trying to make it so the utilities would be able to buy their credits from anywhere. They could buy them from somewhere that it would be really hard to make sure it was actually done. It could be anywhere in the world. We need to localize our energy as well as our food supply. We can’t control things at the national or international level, but the state and local level is something we can influence. It is time to bring it home.


2 responses to “Renewables for Missouri

  1. Washington State has a renewable energy law. We had to pass it as an initiative, our state legislature wouldn’t pass it, but the initiative passed by a comfortable margin. A few years after it passed, the state legislature tried to modify it allowing “green” energy to be purchased anywhere on the western grid and calling things that weren’t green, green. After being notified that if they changed the law we’d file another initiative changing back to the way it was the legislature decided to leave it alone.

    Good luck!

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