Pretty awesome building huh? If you will take a close look along the top of the building you will notice solar panels. This is the Neosho fish hatchery in Neosho Mo. Some friends of ours volunteer there so we got a guided tour. Actually we had a great couple of days, we went to Anderson Mo for a back to basics meeting. We have done a presentation on our house for one of the meetings, and we decided to head over to see what’s new. Our friend Robin is the driving force behind keeping it going and Jack and Leann provide the music. The presentations were on gardening and making maple syrup from your own trees. My kind of stuff! We ended up spending the night and after the fish hatchery tour we went to the farmers market, it was great! There was a wood fired bakery , a black forest german baker who make some great pastries, and a raw milk cheese maker. Needless to say I had a great lunch of bread and cheese with a rum ball for dessert. A great time with great friends!


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