Great Sign!

Just what I was looking for! I think they should have these signs everywhere, keep those big honkin gas guzzlers at the end of the parking lot. Not really. It just seems funny when you see the people driving around the parking lot, circling like a buzzard for the close parking spaces, spending more on  gas than they are going to save by shopping at the big box. Sorry, I got side tracked. Anyway, I really like this sign, you get a reward for using efficient transportation by more than it being cheaper to drive. Gas is $3.14 cents today, a good sign of things to come. It should be more than this already if you figure in the all of the external costs. We went to get a sticker for our electric car and it cost us $80, and the car won’t even go fast enough to get on the roads that the gas tax pays for. I wish the money went just to the city of Springfield to help with the neighborhood streets and sidewalks. I would suggest that, but then I would probably have to pay for the state sticker and a city sticker. It’s best to keep quiet.


3 responses to “Great Sign!

  1. Rick, i was just surfing the web and saw a guy burn a design in plywood almost instantly with a giant lens, then he was cooking with it. Greenpowerscience on youtube. Thought of you. Enjoying your blog!

  2. I thought of getting a lens so if my neighbors garden started looking to much better than mine I would cook this tomatos. Just kidding. I was talking to some new friends that are going to help us get set up in the solar cooking area and teach us how to use them. They hardly use any gas during the summer because of solar cookers. Sound like my kind of stuff. Thanks for the info

  3. Drury University has parking reserved outside of the new basketball arena for HOV and alternate fuel vehicles. Of course, I’m not sure how they define those 2 terms…

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