Back to solar hot water!

We turned off our tankless hot water heater today, we probably could have done it a couple of day’s ago, the temps have been been 140 and 160. This is a little earlier than last year, but I feel pretty comfortable about it. We have also been making quite a bit of electricity the last few day’s, in the 15 and 16 KWH range. That is plenty for us with some to spare. Energy efficiency is the key, the more efficent your house the smaller array you need for generating your power. We left enough room for 6 more panels on our pergola, but I don’t think we will need them, I think what we have will charge our car, run the house, and charge my bicycle. I am adding electric assist to my bike, it will cost about 3 cents worth of electricity to charge it each day and will go from 15 to 30 miles on a charge. Now that’s cheap transportation!


3 responses to “Back to solar hot water!

  1. Great job; keep up the good work

  2. If you have the time and inclination I would love to hear more about the electric assist for your bicycle. Thanks!

  3. The kit is from E-Bike. I’m taking it in tomorrow with the bike, they will replace the front fork on the bike with a really strong steel one that is set up for a disc brake. The hub that is getting installed is for the front so I have to make sure it’s strong and I will be going faster so making sure I can stop! I will do a post when it finished, and after I’ve made sure everything works well together I’m going to take it down and get it sandblasted and powder coated.

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