Down to Earth Foods

There is a new place close to our neighborhood to buy my wheat berries for baking my bread. I had been buying my flour at Byler’s, in Seymour so this shortened my trip by quite a bit. The people that own it are really nice and they ordered some stuff for me that they didn’t carry. They have bulk and local foods which is what we buy most of the time. Between Homegrown food, Urban Roots Farm, Momma Jeans, and now this place, we should be able to do our shopping close to home. Give them a visit and see if they carry anything that you use. It’s close enough to shop on the bicycle and if you buy anything big you can use my trailer.


2 responses to “Down to Earth Foods

  1. Hi Rick,

    I was wondering what you use to grind your wheat? I’ve got a Country Living Grain Mill, but don’t use it as much as I should.

    There have been some discussions regarding the possibility of having a local class/workshop/seminar, etc. for the purpose of teaching how to prepare nutritious & tasty meals from long-term storage foods (ie: wheat, rice, beans, etc), along with fresh herbs from the home garden/greenhouse.

    I’m a lot better at growing & storing than I am at cooking what got grown & stored.

    Would you (or do you know anyone who would) be interested in teaching or facilitating such a class / workshop / seminar?



    • I’ve seen but never tried a mill like yours. We have a diamante that I bought before they got so expensive. It works great. We have a friend who I’m hoping will build us a pedal powered setup for it. She worked at a place in Guatemala called mayapedal which makes agricultural equipment from thrown away bike parts.

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