Parting with an old friend.

My life has changed alot in the last few years, and another big thing is happening this week. I am selling the my woods truck. This truck has crossed rivers, hauled my tipi, took me hunting and fishing, and hauled all of my crap for quite a few years. I am a city boy now so I don’t really need it anymore, but it is still hard to part with it. I am so spoiled now, we hardly spend anything on gas anymore, that when I fill the truck up it’s like spending a fortune. All of my fishing and hunting stuff  are going to be yard saled. I will probably keep a BOB for in the car or when we travel, but life has changed. The transition has been interesting and as much as I love my new life I recognize that the old one was a great one too, just different.


One response to “Parting with an old friend.

  1. Oh, I just sold my van and it was like letting go of a part of my history 😦 But, makes room for lots of great new memories!

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