New Hobby?

My neighbor Tom made us a great stained glass piece last year so I thought I would get the basic tools for making something and take a class. I was watching craigslist for the tools and saw an ad for some stuff for $100. I got way more than I bargained for as you can see, lots of glass, 3 grinders, 6 soldering irons, copper, caning, and lots of patterns, plus some other stuff I don’t know what does. So I guess now I’m going to have to take the class, but first I’m going to have to find room for all of this. It sounds like I’m complaining, but really I’m not, stained glass is another thing that I think makes a house homey. I want to make some pieces to go in the front door, it will look great in the afternoon when the sun is going down. I better get off of here and start carrying this stuff to the basement.


One response to “New Hobby?

  1. Robert Johnson

    That’s really cool! I have no desire to make any stained glass but I think it’s beautiful. A few homes around here (Barrington, Illinois) have it and I always stop and take notice. Of course, that’s easy when your walking everywhere. : )

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