Pocket Neighborhood

Here’s something interesting I’m going to attend. Some friends are in the early planning stages of something called a Pocket Neighborhood. These are groups of small, efficient houses that face a central common area, so instead of looking out your door at a steet with the cars whizzing by there is a lawn and flower area.  The car parking will be out of the way.  They will be looking for land close to the downtown so it will be more  convenient for walkers and bicyclist. This makes so much sense in so many ways, it doesn’t matter what the price of gas is you can still get to shopping, the library, restaurants, and many other essential services like the Mudhouse for coffee in the mornings. I think this kind of community will resonate with people our age that are past the child bearing years and want to be close to services and friends. If our house wasn’t becoming such a great place we would definitely consider something like this, but I want to be involved anyway because I’m sure we will know some of the people living  in the neighborhood. There is a meeting at the Gastropub on the Apr 21, 5:30 to 8:30 to talk about the direction this is going to take. There is also a facebook page, Pocket neighborhood for the Springfield Urban Core if your interested.


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