Wood Fired Pottery Kiln

We went to the Ozark Folk Center on Thursday and Friday this week to help some friends with a wood kiln pottery firing. I had helped a few times in the past because it is a 24 hr firing and it takes a few extra people for the 3 hour shifts all night. Gloria and I volunteered for the 3 to 6 am shift because I can get up early but I’m not very good at staying up late. We had a great time because other friends helped this year too. Jack from the band, Baled Green and Wired Tight, from over around Neosho is a potter and had some pottery in the kiln. There ended up being a jam session with the band and some locals right next to the kiln. We had a big pot luck dinner, and since we couldn’t cook we bought a Tommy’s Pizza, one of the best pizza’s I have ever had. I used to eat there alot when I worked at the folk center. Wc came back  to Springfield on Saturday morning because I wanted to go to the Green building conference they were having here and Gloria had a cooking with herbs class, so we will miss the opening of the kiln on Sunday. It is always exciting as things get handed out of the kiln because most things come out gorgeous, but there are always a few kiln causualities. Oh, by the way, we stopped in Leslie Arkansas at the Serenity Farm Bread, a wood fired bread company which is always excellent and picked up a loaf of fresh walnut raisin bread. It was really nice seeing friends, having great food, and listening to good homegrown music.


2 responses to “Wood Fired Pottery Kiln

  1. It was so good to get quick Rick and Gloria hugs!

  2. It was great to see you! Sorry we didn’t get to see you more, we stayed out of the way, we knew you would be busy opening weekend. Everytime I went by Shawn’s shop it was packed. We should be back again soon and maybe it won’t be so busy.

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