Electric Assist Bike

This is Miles from Queen City Bikes putting the finishing touches on the electric assist for my bike. They did a great job installing it and are going to be stocking some electric bikes for people that want this option. So far it is working great, and I will have more posts as I try it out and see what it will do. I’m kind of a trial just by myself, but I will load up the trailer with some stuff and give it a good one. The advertising says it will go 15 to 30 miles on 3 cents worth of electricity, we’ll see. Next week we will get the electric car back, and will be making use of the extra solar electricity we are making since we are getting longer days. I hate to sell it to CU because they pay next to nothing for it. Thanks to Andy Cline from Carbon Trace for hanging out with me this morning while I was waiting for them  to finish it up.


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