Watering the Garden

I think I jumped the gun watering the garden a couple of days ago. Oh well, I got to spend time out there anyway and some of the transplants needed it. We are really getting the rain now and our basement is leaking a little bit. A 1921 house is expected to have a few problems, it could be a lot worse, this is a great old house, a solid base to do everything we have done to it. I saw our neighbors sump pump running full blast awhile ago so we are lucky.


8 responses to “Watering the Garden

  1. I currently have lake front property 🙂

  2. Steve and Lynda

    Great picture, hope you are talking about next door on the sump pump working! Good to see you today……

  3. I currently have lake front property!

  4. It was across the street. It’s been running alot!

  5. Hey neighbor – could you check on a neighbor’s basement too? Two sump pumps are never enough on ole Fremont Ave. I hear we got over 6″ and still raining. I called Todd to check as well – not much you can do. Just pick up any stray throw rugs and laundry baskets! Thanks

  6. I’ll head over there and check it now. Miss you guys!

  7. Just got back from the Peavey estate. Looks pretty good, there is a little water by the stairs. Picked up the rugs and basket. If it rains more I will check it again. I had checked it once before and there wasn’t hardly anything.

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