Kitty Litter Pannier

Here is a picture of my new kitty litter bucket pannier I made for the bike. It is water proof, cheap, and mkes me even more visible than I am in my bright yellow riding jacket. If it gets tore up all I have to do is take the hardware off of this one and use another kitty litter bucket to make another one. There used to be a company called cobbworks that made them, (thanks Brandon for the information) but their website went down and it looked like such a great design I had to make one. They are pretty easy to make and if you decide you can’t live without one there are videos on you tube or stop on by and I’ll help you make your own.


One response to “Kitty Litter Pannier

  1. Bob Flinchbaugh

    Rick, could you give me a reply to my email on how I can get in touch with you, I live in Willard and am taking a class on solar. I would like to ask you a few questions. Thank you!

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