Electric car update!

We were downtown today and I looked up to see a Miles car headed our way. Since I know the people that own the cars in town I waited to see who it was. It ended up being our car getting tested by our mechanic Steve from Boyz and Toyz. He told me that he had gotten 38 miles on the first charge which is about our max when the car was doing it best before. Usually the batteries don’t get their maximum mileage when they are first installed so this should be a good sign for distance per charge. The new batteries are from Northstar, a battery manufacturer here in town, so we bought local and from what I gather, the first time their batteries have been used in an electric car. I hope they can start supplying other cars in this area  if they work out for us.


One response to “Electric car update!

  1. yea for new batteries and good luck on their working well!

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