Solar Anniversary!

This is the one year anniversary of making our first watts of electricity and I am calling it a success. We have made almost 3.5 megawatts hours which is covering our house and ran our car 4000 miles and is now powering the new electric bike. At the same time we have kept 2 tons of carbon being put into the atmosphere. Today, if you stop by the house toward the end of the day you will find me in the backyard, under the solar panels celebrating by drinking a beer or two. You are welcome to have one with me.


2 responses to “Solar Anniversary!

  1. What is that about $300 worth of electricity? 3.5 megawatts or 3,500 KWH at about .08 or .09 per KWH? Am I thinking correctly? Thanks

  2. Hi Robert. That is a good question and you got me figuring. I will answer it in this next post.

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