Solar Savings

Robert asked a very good question on the Solar Anniverary post so I thought I would try to answer the question for everyone. He asked how much the 3500 KWH had saved us, how much it was worth.  Here are my figures:

CU’s electric rates are about .065 per KWH @3500=             227.50

CU’s green energy charge@ $5 per 100KWH                              175.00

We put 4000 mile on the electric car. If you figure what

we would have paid in gas at $3.50                                                 415.00

Net metering excess power we sold back                                          7.05

The total is $824.55. As the electric rates and the gas prices go up and down the figures will will change. This is the way I figure it, don’t know if I left anything out. On the net metering they pay us avoided cost which is .0291 per KWH. I don’t like selling them back any, but with the electric car getting the batteries replaced it looks like we will be selling back about 200 KWH this month which is about the amount we used last month. My goal when we started this project was to get our usage down the about 50 KWH per week which is the low european usage. We made it close last month so we are there without the car being hooked in. The house is pretty much on auto pilot, we don’t try to save anymore, it just happens.


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