Bike to Work?

I don’t have a job, so when it comes to Bike to Work week I really don’t know what to do. I am working in the garden this morning and needed some supplies so I rode the bike to pick them up. It was a great ride, the weather is so good, and with the electric assist it is no real problem to haul stuff from Springfield Seed. I spent some time at the Patton Alley pub last night, there was a bike movie and fat tire beer night. I was a parking valet for awhile so I missed part of Breaking away, and missed all of PeeWee Herman’s movie. I think the local brewing company  Mother’s needs to sponsor these movie nights, I like their Towhead beer better than fat tire.


4 responses to “Bike to Work?

  1. Steve and Lynda

    Love it! Wish Steve and I could be closer to the time of doing this! Enjoy the day!

  2. I’ll be glad when you guys get to stay home too! We can make cider and have cookouts for lunch everyday when we finish gardening.

  3. It is pretty awesome now. Works really good and hauls quite a load.

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