Electric Transportation

The electric car is back home and running better than ever. We picked it up and then I ran it around a little while to see how it does. Very nice! Then we went to a concert on Commercial St and back home with the lights on, it worked perfect. We had a little trouble with it before so those were good tests. The Prius now gets parked except when we go out of town, and we are an electric car  and bike family. I will put the Kill a Watt meter on it to see how much it actually uses, we are making plenty to run the car now so it shouldn’t be a problem. Our plans are finally going to pay off!


2 responses to “Electric Transportation

  1. Sweet. What brand vehicle is that?

  2. It’s called a Miles car. It is finished up in California but manufactured in China. I wouldn’t suggest one, it isn’t the best car and the Miles co. isn’t dependable. The were supposed to send new brushes for it for the last 2 or 3 weeks. It has shown us that the concept is good we’ll just have to pick a better car next time.

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