Food Supply

In the old days I wouldn’t even have thought of writing about having a supply of food at your house. The seasons of the year dictated your food supply, during the spring, summer and fall there was an overabundance of food from your gardens and fields, your animals had produced young ones and in the fall you harvested and butchered and put back for the earths downtime, winter. Now, with all of the grocery stores suppling food year round no one thinks the seasonal cycle of abundance and want matter anymore.

I thought long and hard about this post, I don’t preach at people. I accept other people’s rights  to believe and act the way they do without input from me, as long as they are willing to accept responsiblity for their choices. Even with the price’s for food going up every day, the cost of food right now is cheap. As fuel prices go up the food prices will follow. Buy what you will eat, during Y2K people bought food that they wouldn’t even eat, some ended up giving it away or throwing it out. Put in a garden, you don’t have to grow everything you eat, just some of it. Get used to the circle of the seasons, I think it will come in handy, soon! If you need help I will be glad to help you learn how to help your self.


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