Solar Electricity

We are making a lot of electricity these days! It’s not that our system is really big, ours is a pretty small setup at a little over 2500 watts, but with summer almost here we are producing more than we need. When you size a solar electric system you need to figure for the time of year when you get the least amount of power, which is winter. That means during the summer you will produce an excess which can be a problem if your off grid. I’ve seen setups where they had heated towel racks they could shunt some power to. Since we are grid tied we can just send it back to CU(our electric company) for a credit. They pay us avoided cost which is not much so last month we got $5.90 back, which is taken off of the base which is $7.50, so we still owed them $1.60. But when you figure that we ran our house, charged our electric car 6 times, and charged my electric bike everyday I guess we’re doing ok. Cheap transportation at a time when gas prices have been really high.


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